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What’s pump we used in our suction unit

Feb. 14, 2019

There are two types vacuum pump: Sliding vane vacuum pump and Diaphragm vacuum pump.

Suction device made up of sliding vane vacuum pump works with big noise. Because of the vacuum pump oil, when oil storage room without oil or the oil ring does not turn, it is easy to burn out.

Diaphragm vacuum pump is oil-less and small noise. Usually do not need maintenance.

Sliding vane electirc suction device seal is not strict, easy to leak oil, which will make the internal connection pipe aging,deterioration, resulting in leakage. Periodic inspection is required.

In view of the above experience, all Huike suction unit used diaphragm vacuum pump. So we ensure our quality . We are creating a company once again vibrant, robust and alive.But there are many mountains yet to climb.

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