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What is suction unit (aspirator)

Feb. 14, 2019

Suction device is used to remove the bleeding in the operation,exudate, pus, the contents of the contents of the thoracic organs, so that the operation is clear, reduce the risk of infection.

There are three kinds of electric aspirator according to the use of the utility model, that is, a general electric suction device, an artificial abortion electric suction device, a gastric lavage type electric suction device.

1.General suction device which is specially used for the treatment of sucking blood, pus, sputum etc.

2.Abortion electric suction device is for artificial abortion.It adopts two levels negative pressure device what have a good control with rate of flow.

Gastric electric suction is designed for gastrolavage, It has both positive pressure indicator, also has the negative pressure meter, knob switch for special control of positive and negative pressure.

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