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Electric suction device common faults and maintenance

Feb. 14, 2019

1.Fault phenomena and overhaul

1.1 Light does not shine

Reason: (1) Light poor contact or burned

         (2) Power is not available

         (3) Fuse poor contact or burned

         (4) Transformer burned out

         (5) Plug wire break

Troubleshooting: Check the power supply with a multimeter for alternating current. Check the fuse with a multimeter for problems.

Check whether the internal wiring for breaks. Adjust the multimeter to R×1KΩ for measuring the power supply to the transformer primary winding voltage. If the transformer is broken, it must be replaced.

1.2 Low negative pressure after starting

Reason: (1) The pressure adjustment knob is disabled.

         (2) Safety valve leak.

         (3) Rubber tube and joint leak.

Troubleshooting: Start to observe whether the negative pressure table has changed. Open the safety valve and check for leaks inside.

Check the internal piping connection to see if the connector is off.

1.3 Motor does not turn, big noise

Reason: (1) The vacuum pump rust or stuck

         (2) The motor can not start

Troubleshooting: Turn the motor impeller to see if it is rotating, if not rotated, the vacuum pump stuck. Disassemble the vacuum pump and then restart it. If it is not working properly, it is generally believed that the starting capacitor is damaged.

Measuring capacitance method: Adjust the multimeter to R×1KΩ or R×10KΩ. A) Table needle bias 0 then slowly return to move than hundreds, this resistance is the capacitor leakage resistance. B) The needle does not return, indicating that the capacitor is shorted. C) The needle does not move, indicating that the capacitor is broken. After the capacitor is detected, replace the same type of starting capacitor.

1.4 The foot switch can not be used

Reason: (1) Foot switch internal spring elastic variation or shifting.

             (2) The cable is disconnected

Troubleshooting: Open the foot switch, observe the internal structure of any abnormalities.

2.Maintenance of electric suction device

1)The plug should not be placed in a wet place. So as not to cause a short circuit.

2)Liquid bottle should not be too full to prevent overflow burn out the motor.

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