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1Automatic paunch flusher is comprised of pressure pump (air pump), control pipeline, control circuit, framework etc.;

2This unit adopts pressure sensor and computer SBC to control, real time dynamic parameter LCD display thus to realize the automation of paunch flusher;

3LCD screen aoumatically display the flushing pressure, in and out liquid flow, flushing status and flushing times;

4Automatically record the flushing times after getting into work status and will halt when flusing times reach the set value;

5Big diameter tube to get in and out, ensure there is no block;

6The paunch in and out pressure and flow rate can be freely set by different patients;

7Plastics casing with beautiful and generous appearance;

8Absolute value of pressure: 47KPa67KPa;

9Work environment: temperature:+5℃+40℃, relative humidity: 25℃ no exceeding 80%, atmospheric pressure: 86KPa106KPa;

10According to shock proof type and degree, paunch flusher is divided into class Ⅰ device type B application part, run mode is continuous, IPX0, none AP type or APG type common devices;

11The products meet related requestments of IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2.



1Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz;


3Noise:≤65dB (A);

4Paunch in pressure set: ≤0.067MPa;

5Paunch out pressure set: ≥-0.067MPa;

6Paunch in flow set: ≤350ml/time;

7Paunch out flow set: ≤450ml/time;

8Paunch in and out time: ≤20s/time.


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